Sharon Yourell Lawlor,
Retail Strategist, Shopper Expert & Sustainability Author
RETHINK Retail Global Influencer 2023

Supporting your business on retail strategy, CX and sustainability

Dublin, Ireland

helping you to develop a more effective and sustainable retail strategy And CX plan for your business!

Sharon Yourell Lawlor is a renowned retail and shopper strategist, keynote speaker and trainer based in Dublin, Ireland.  Sharon is recognised as a leading voice and expert in the world of retail, customer experience and shopper strategy, with over 25 years of brand and retail marketing experience working within the Consumer Product Goods (CPG) industry.   In her role as a business strategist, Sharon assists clients from different industries to better understand trends shaping the global retail and hospitality landscape and supports businesses to develop strategies that effectively enhance customer experience (CX) and guide today’s consumers and shoppers on their purchase journeys. Her objective is to ultimately turn ‘browsers to buyers’ for her clients.

Sharon has been recognised as a RETHINK Retail 2023 top global influencer and has co-written a guide on sustainability for the Irish retail sector called ‘Sustainable Irish Retail Action’ (SIRA), in partnership with Retail Excellence Ireland and Champion Green to assist businesses in preparation for a more sustainable retail future.

Sharon works with all different types of businesses, from small start-ups to large companies and with different suppliers, retailers, hospitality providers and services.  She will help you to develop your business strategy for growth, create your unique value proposition (UVP) and devise marketing activities that effectively impact consumer, shopper and retailer behaviour.  Sharon also supports businesses to embed sustainability practices within their wider business strategy.

As a trusted partner, Sharon works with clients to identify key retail industry, shopper and consumer trends and uses this understanding to create seamless and frictionless customer experiences that turn browsers to buyers, enabling clients to achieve business growth and success.  

Why choose Think Plan Do Consulting?  Well, Sharon brings key insights and renowned expertise on shopper behaviour and retail trends to every client project.  She provides flexible and unbiased strategic guidance and planning support, as well as training and facilitation services to clients.  Every project starts with an exploratory conversation to better understand each client’s business needs and she looks to create a tailored plan that address those needs.  Sharon also facilitates brand and retailer strategy workshops and creates bespoke training programmes for each individual client’s needs. Whether you are looking for a marketing facilitator to host a strategy or brainstorming  session for your team or you want to develop a training programme for the roll-out of specific category, brand, shopper or field sales projects, Sharon is there to support.  Check out the list of services from Think Plan Do Consulting. 

Sharon Yourell Lawlor Retail Strategist, Shopper and Retail Marketing Consultant
Sharon Yourell Lawlor Retail Strategist, Shopper Expert, Rethink Retail Influencer

Sharon Yourell Lawlor, Consumer, Shopper & Retail Marketing Strategist

Marketing Strategy, Brand Storytelling

I am an marketing strategist who is genuinely passionate, inquisitive and not afraid to challenge clients thinking to help them get better results.

I study behaviours along the consumer path to purchase, interrogate key retail, hospitality and shopper trends and will help you more effectively tell your brand's story to key audiences - internal stakeholders, customers and consumers.

Category Growth Approach

For any category, the ultimate aim is strong and sustainable growth - revenue and profit. This requires clear category understanding and a strategic plan that is commercially viable.

I work with brand, service and retail clients to build and optimise their ranges, giving them the tools to develop strategies that pull the 4 key levers of category growth and enhance their unique value proposition.

Some Past Clients

Client Testimonials

What Past Clients Say

Sharon has worked on a number of retail and shopper projects with us and I have always found her to be excellent. Her knowledge of the retail sector in Ireland and opportunities to fully leverage brands from a shopper and consumer perspective is second to none.
Catherine Casserly, Think Plan Do Consulting Client
Catherine Casserly
Global CMO (Formerly Irish Distiller Pernod Ricard)
Sharon Yourell is one of Ireland's foremost experts in shopper and category insight and management and I wouldn't dream of running a programme on insight led FMCG innovation without including a session with her. Sharon is a real pro and the student feedback she receives is always exemplary
Dr. Peter Robbins, DCU, Think Plan Do Consulting Client
Dr. Peter Robbins
Dublin City University, Ireland
As a design agency, we hinge our business on strategy to create the best outcomes for our clients. Similarly, when it came to reframing our own business, we felt an external lens would be best to take a holistic view on where we are and where we want to be. Sharon provided this clarity to us. She helped to craft our essence, evolve our brand, and define the framework for our future
Brendan Boyle
Creative Director, Tap Creative
Sharon is a strong retail strategist and shopper behaviour expert in the Irish market and is an excellent speaker. She is leading the way in supporting retailers to create sustainability strategies and plans that are practical and meaningful for consumers and businesses. She is an expert in her field and is a passionate and engaging communicator. Sharon uses practical examples to demonstrate best practice from retail and shares standout imagery to demonstrate her key insights and learnings.
Evelyn Moynihan, CEO Kilkenny Design & Champion Green
Evelyn Moynihan
Evelyn Moynihan, CEO Kilkenny Design & Champion Green

Consumer, Shopper & Retail Marketing Specialist

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Excellent Track Record In Achieving Strong Results

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