‘Growth’ Was The Focus At the Barry Group 2023 Retailer Conference

Sharon Yourell Lawlor
Sharon Yourell Lawlor

Leading retail and shopper strategist, speaker & author

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Sharon Yourell Lawlor, Retail & Shopper Expert and Keynote Speaker at The Barry Group Conference

I was delighted to join the Barry Group conference recently as retail keynote speaker on the topic of ‘Engaging Customers and Maximising Sales Opportunities’. I was delighted when Holly and Jim first contacted me and talked through the ‘Growth’ theme for the 2023 conference, at an exciting time for the Barry Group business. With new branding identities being revealed on the day for the group itself as well as its Carry Out and Costcutter brands, it was fantastic to see the retail response and the general air of positivity in the room.

I first spoke at a conference for the Barry Group over a decade ago. Since then, much has changed and the retail world we know is faster paced, more digitalised and more demanding in many many ways. However, back then, as it is now, the same thing holds true about the consumers and shoppers we engage with. If you understand your target shopper, understand their problems, needs and desires, create retail solutions and deliver them in more engaging ways, then you are on the road to success. Always walk in your customer’s footsteps!

As much as I love being on a stage, it was equally enjoyable to hear from the other speakers on the day. For me, a conference session like this, covering topics such as staff retention and recruitment, the DRS initiative and sustainability as well as presentations from suppliers, keeps it real and keeps it focused on the end game – meeting the needs and expectations of your shoppers and consumers while taking care of your staff in a more sustainable way. As a family business since 1955, I wish Jim, Holly and the team all the best for the future and what the next 70 years holds.

Sharon Yourell Lawlor, Retail Keynote Speaker The Barry Group Conference 2023
Speakers at the Barry Group 'Growth' Conference