why choose Think Plan Do Consulting?

"As a strategic marketing consultant, I've a genuine passion for influencing consumer and shopper Behaviour "

I’m Sharon Yourell Lawlor, owner of THINK PLAN DO CONSULTING, which is a strategic consumer, shopper and retail marketing consultancy.  

So why choose me?  Because fundamentally I take a winning insight led approach to category growth for clients.

With over 25 years marketing, sales and retail experience, working with brands in the FMCG industry, I am genuinely passionate about understanding consumer and shopper behaviours to drive more effective business results.  An insight led category approach is your best stepping stone to growth and I can help you to develop one for your business.

Do you need help in defining and developing your brand’s unique value proposition (UVP)?  Are you looking for a consumer and shopper marketing expert to help you to develop a more compelling marketing strategy for growth?  Are you struggling with how you tell your brand story to customers, consumers and shoppers?  Maybe you are looking for some bespoke training support for your team in the area of category, consumer, shopper and retail marketing?

If you have a project which needs an external expert skillset to take a consumer and shopper centric approach,  let’s chat.  I work with clients who are looking for a fresh and independent perspective on marketing projects. 

My clients want strong and strategic marketing expertise and non-biased feedback and advice from someone who ‘understands them.  

My clients also want a marketing consultant who can work on their own initiative and who has the ability to get things done’.  

You may be looking to launch a new brand, product or service.  You may be looking to embark into a new channel or market.  You may simply want to have a new set of independent eyes on a current business problem.  

From conducting a full holistic deep dive on your category, helping you with the development of your brand or businesses’ unique value proposition or helping you create a more compelling customer sell-in story, I can help.  

I can also support your team with workshop facilitation or category and shopper training.  Why am I unique?  For every project, I really get to understand my clients and take a practical and hands on approach.

When you hire me, I start by asking questions to define the ‘What’.  What is going on with your brand, your service or your business. What problems are you currently facing?  What is your position in the marketplace? What trends are currently impacting your consumers and shoppers?What are your competitors doing? 

Then I ask questions and deep dive to ask the ‘Why’.  Why is this the case?  Why are you underperforming?  Why are your consumers and shoppers behaving a certain way?  Why aren’t you benefiting more from their consumer choices?

My purpose is to deep dive issues for brands and services, clarify the current scenario and help organisations turn insights into solutions that deliver strong business results.

So if you are looking for a strategic marketing consultant, get in touch.

TPD Framework Approach: Think it Plan it Do it

the think plan do consulting strategic marketing Framework

Strategic Thinking

1. think it marketing

I will look at your project with a fresh set of eyes.  Based on the task at hand, I can conduct brand, competitor and customer audits and analysis in the context of current category performance.  

For me, it is about strategically assessing a project, challenging the issues and thinking ‘outside of the normal box’.

Think Plan Do Consulting - Strategic Marketing Consultant - strategy planning

2. plan it

With the right strategic thinking in place, I help brands develop and plan out an insight led category approach for growth.  

It is about taking action around key insights to drive results.

Think Plan Do Consulting - Strategic marketing consultant Strategy Implementation

3. do it

It is important to bring key stakeholders on the project journey.  I work with your team to deliver activities that will engage audiences along the path to purchase.

For it it’s about winning the hearts and minds of key stakeholders – internal, customers, consumers and shoppers.