Retail Excellence Ireland Webinar – Attracting the Shopper in a Post Pandemic World

Sharon Yourell Lawlor
Sharon Yourell Lawlor

Leading category, consumer and shopper marketing expert

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Attracting the shopper
How To Attract Shoppers In Retail Post Pandemic

I was delighted to join Retail Excellence Ireland recently to discuss how consumer and shopper behaviour has changed post pandemic and to give tips and hints on what brands and retailers now need to focus on for success in a post covid-19 retail world.  In the webinar, I talk about how the pandemic has accelerated changes in shopper behaviours and how consumers’ evolved digital behaviours are here to stay.  I also discuss how the key to retail success is to create a set of ‘STAND OUT’ experiences at decision points that turn shoppers into buyers” and talk about ways to achieve this.  

watch the webinar

To watch the Retail Excellence Ireland webinar