Irish Times Article – 7 Easy Ways To Positively Click With Customers In The Post-Pandemic Shopper Space

Sharon Yourell Lawlor

Sharon Yourell Lawlor

Leading category, consumer and shopper marketing expert

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Clicking with customers in an omni-channel retail world

If you would like to know 7 easy ways to click with customers in the post pandemic world, read on.  The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted Irish society and behaviour patterns.   Consumer and shopper expectations have changed over the various lockdown periods.  I recently wrote an article for INSIDE MARKETING in the Irish Times, looking at this topic, giving my thoughts on what brands and retailers now need to do to set themselves up for success post pandemic to win with shoppers and consumers.  

The article looks at how the strategic principles of consumer and shopper marketing remain the same: Understand your target market, their problems, needs and desires and deliver effectives solutions for those needs.  However, it probes the fact that post pandemic, consumers and shoppers have got used to having these solutions served up to them in different ways.  The pandemic has accelerated changes in shopper behaviour at a pace no-one could have foreseen.  And the bar has been raised in terms of what ‘good shopper experiences’ look like.  Brands and retailers must understand that the shopper journey has evolved into a wider set of decision touchpoints, both physical and digital.  As buyers navigate their journey in an omni-channel world, the experience offered must ‘stand out’ for the right reasons. CLICK HERE TO READ THE IRISH TIMES ARTICLE

7 Key Ways To Click With Customers

In the supporting episode of the INSIDE MARKETING podcast, I joined Dave Winterlich, Strategic Director in Dentsu, to look at different shopper behaviours and discuss how brands can adapt for retail success post pandemic by serving up ‘stand out shopper experiences’.  I was joined by Claire Cogan, a leading behavioural scientist and founder of BehaviourWise.  During the podcast we discuss lots of ways in which behavioural science can help create better experiences for customers and we touch on many practical examples from both brands and retailers, which are are currently adapting successfully for the changing needs of shoppers.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST