Sustainability A Key Topic At Retail Excellence Retail & Digital Retreat 2022

Sharon Yourell Lawlor
Sharon Yourell Lawlor

Leading expert retail and shopper strategist, speaker & author

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Sustainability A Key Topic At Retail Excellence Retail & Digital Retreat 2022

The Retail Excellence Retail & Digital Retreat was recently held in Carton House.  The industry event, attended by over three hundred people from the retail industry in Ireland,  provided an opportunity for every attendee to address topics around retail talent, CX, sustainability and e-commerce all in one forum. Expert speakers such as Geoff Ramm, CX expert, Gordon Newman, Omnichannel expert and James Gold, co-founder of Skinny Dip provided key insights and inspiration on the day.  The event was hosted by fashion designer and entrepreneur Sonya Lennon.

Following on from the success of the launch of the Sustainable Irish Retail Action (SIRA) e-guide for the retail sector, I had the pleasure of hosting a panel discussion on ‘Embedding sustainability within your business strategy for retail success’.  Joined by Niamh Higgins, Managing Director of TapCreative, Pat Kane, Sustainability Strategist, writer & founder of Reuzi and Claire Cogan, Behavioural Scientist & Researcher and co-author of SIRA, we discussed topics such as why retailers should invest in embedding sustainability within their businesses and the importance of embedding behavioural change amongst employees, suppliers and customers as well as providing advice for getting started on your retail sustainability journey and overcoming obstacles.  Using the backdrop of the 20+ case studies from the SIRA guide, we also discussed why it is so important to learn from those currently leading out sustainability within the retail industry.

Launched by Think Plan Do Consulting in conjunction with BehaviourWise, SIRA’s e-guide is a practical tool to help support retailers to embed sustainability within their retail businesses.  It provides learning opportunities not just for retail businesses within the sector but also those serving the retail community.  The guide, was sponsored by Vodafone, AIB, Tap Creative and SuperValu, and, launched in partnership with Retail Excellence and Champion Green.  

Download the SIRA e-guide from Retail Excellence’s website by clicking on the image below.